[JAX-WS] (Metro) 3 ways to customize package in WSDL

By default wscompile generates WSDL artifacts in a package computed from the WSDL targetNamespace. For example, a WSDL file with the targetNamespace http://duke.example.org without any package customization will be mapped to the org.duke package. To customize the default package mapping you would use a jaxws:package customization on the wsdl:definitions node or it can directly appear inside the top level bindings element.

1. Bindings

2. Bindings / bindings


3. By using the -p command line option in wsimport
-p option on commandline wsimport.sh tool (package attribute on wsimport ant task), overrides the jaxws:package customization,it also overrides the schema package customization specified using jaxb schema customization.

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